Our Products

We are proud to offer a delectable range of wholesome products, fresh from our family farm:  Jersey Milk, Jersey Beef, Berkshire Pork, and Boer Goat Meat.  At Kilgus Farmstead, the health and wellbeing of our animals is of the utmost importance.  We also deeply value working together as responsible stewards of the land to preserve the Kilgus farming tradition. These simple yet critical guiding principals form the foundation of the consistently high quality milk and meat products that our customers have come to know and expect from us.

Kilgus Farmstead Jersey Milk

All Kilgus Farmstead creamery products begin with milk exclusively from our own Jersey cows.  Jersey cows are light brown and smaller than Holsteins.  As a breed, they give less milk than their black and white counterparts, but their milk is highly prized by cheesemakers, chefs, and consumers alike because of its elevated levels of protein and calcium.  Our cows graze on pasture from April to November.  By eating lush grasses that are ideally suited to their nutritional needs, our Jersey cows’ milk is naturally higher in vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLAs), which have each been found to offer specific health benefits.

Kilgus Farmstead milk is non-homogenized, which means that the cream rises to the top naturally, just like milk delivered by the milkman 50 years ago. Our milk is bottled three times per week on-site in the Kilgus Farmstead creamery and is packaged in UV plastic bottles (versus clear plastic.) Our packaging prevents the breakdown of important vitamins and minerals, and also extends shelf life.  All of our creamery products are sold within a 150-mile radius of our farm and delivered within a couple days of bottling, through our own direct delivery or through Natural Direct distribution.  We make sure that all delivery trucks carrying our milk maintain an optimal temperature to keep it cold and fresh.  As you can see, all of our operations are designed to ensure that our customers receive the safest and freshest milk possible!

We are proud to say that we are the only single source on-farm milk bottler in Central Illinois. We think, and many of our customers agree, that Kilgus Farmstead Jersey milk tastes better.  We encourage you to discover for yourself the delicious difference in our milk!

Kilgus Farmstead creamery products include the following: 

  • Whole milk – Our whole milk reminds many customers of the milk that they drank growing up.  Because of the non-homogenized cream line on the top of the container, it must be shaken before serving.  Our whole milk is a wonderful ingredient for bakers and chefs.
  • 2% milk – Our 2% milk is one of our most popular products.  Like our whole milk, it must be shaken to incorporate the cream. Customers say that our rich, Jersey 2% tastes a lot like whole milk.
  • Skim milk — Our skim milk is far and away the most popular Kilgus Farmstead product offered; it maintains a rich, delicious flavor.
  • Chocolate milk – Recent evidence has shown that chocolate milk is a great recovery drink for athletes, not to mention that it is a tasty treat!  The rich flavor yet light texture sets our chocolate milk apart from others.
  • Heavy Cream – Whether for baking, whipping, or coffee, our heavy cream is popular with chefs and consumers.
  • Half and Half – In addition to being the ideal companion for your morning coffee, professional and amateur cooks alike find a myriad of uses for our half and half!
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix – If you offer soft serve ice cream in your store or restaurant, you need to try our rich and creamy mix.  We have formulated our product so that the unique characteristics of the Jersey and non-homogenized milk shine through, and your customers will taste the difference.  Stop by our on-farm store for a sample!  We always offer vanilla and have special seasonal flavors throughout the year.

Kilgus Farmstead Milk is available for purchase in the following sizes:

  • Whole, 2%, Skim, and Chocolate milk: available by the gallon, half-gallon, or pint.
  • Heavy Cream and Half and Half are sold in half-gallon and pint sizes.
  • Seasonal Egg Nog is sold in half-gallon containers.
  • Ice cream mix is offered in one-gallon containers. 

Kilgus Farmstead Jersey Beef

We raise our Jersey steers from start to finish right on our farm and feed them non-GMO corn silage that we grow ourselves.  These factors help to ensure that we are consistently able to bring the highest quality beef products to our customers.  Kilgus Farmstead Jersey Beef has a notably tender, juicy flavor due to the high levels of marbling found in this special breed. Studies have found Jersey beef to have lower levels of unhealthy saturated fats and higher concentrations of healthy monounsaturated fats than other breeds.

Big Grove Tavern in Champaign, IL features Kilgus Jersey Beef in one of their burgers.  Executive Chef, Jessica Gorin says, “People regularly tell me that it is one of the best burgers they have ever had.  I have tried Kilgus beef with other chefs in a side-by-side blind comparison against four other local producers, as well as conventional store bought beef, and the quality of Kilgus beef in texture and taste makes their product stand out. I had the opportunity to visit the farm along with my staff and was impressed by the care and attention to detail displayed by their team.”

At times, Kilgus Farmstad Beef is available for wholesale purchase as a ½ or ¼ steer.  A wide variety of frozen cuts of beef are available in our farmstead store.

Kilgus Farmstead Berkshire Pork

We have a few of our own Berkshire gilts, but also purchase Berkshire piglets from one of our neighboring farmers to raise while we are experimenting with farrowing our own sows.  Our piglets grow splendidly on a nutritious regimen of Kilgus Farmstead grown non-GMO corn.  Most consumers have never experienced the enticing flavor that results from the superior traits of the heritage Berkshire breed combined with this wholesome, high quality diet.  Berkshire pork meat is relished for its distinctly rich flavor, juiciness, and tenderness. It has a deeper, almost crimson hue, indicative of a healthy pH level, which is an important driver of pork meat quality.  It also touts higher levels of marbling than other pork meats more commonly found in the marketplace.  Chefs in high-end restaurants from New York to Los Angeles appreciate Berkshire pork meat for its full flavor and capacity to flourish under varying cooking techniques.  An increasing number of chefs right here in Chicago are featuring Kilgus Berkshire Pork on their menus.

Kilgus Farmstead Berkshire Pork is available for wholesale purchase by the whole or ½ hog.  We also offer frozen sausage, bratwurst, pork burgers, chops, bacon, roasts, and sausage links in our farmstead store.

Kilgus Farmstead Boer Goat Meat

Goat meat is a healthy and delicious alternative meat that is becoming increasingly well-known in the Midwest, particularly by chefs in unique restaurant settings.  We are proud to offer Kilgus Farmstead goat meat to our customers who value a local, sustainably and humanely raised high quality product.  Our goat meat is extremely popular in some of the most exclusive restaurants in Chicago. Our high quality Boer goats are fed a diet high in non-GMO corn grown on our farm, which creates a marbling effect in the meat that is highly appreciated by high-end chefs for flavor and texture. Celebrity Chef, Stephanie Izard states:  “Before opening my first restaurant, Girl & the Goat, I tasted goat from multiple local sources and ended up choosing Kilgus Farmstead due to both the taste of the goat and the people involved at Kilgus Farmstead”.

Kilgus Farmstead Boer Goat Meat is available for wholesale purchase fresh by the whole or ½ goat, or in a variety of frozen cuts in our farmstead store.

Chenoa Meat Locker

Our processing partner for all of our farmstead meats is Chenoa Meat Locker, a USDA inspected custom processing facility that is less than ten miles from Kilgus Farmstead.  Chenoa Meat Locker has a long-standing reputation for quality in Illinois and they are a critical link in allowing us to provide superior meat products to our local customers.

“I have been serving the custom meat processing needs of Central Illinois for over 33 years. I have known the Kilgus Family my whole life, and have worked with them my whole meat processing career to provide them with high quality custom meat processing. I can tell from the quality of the finished product how much time and care the Kilgus family devotes to their operation to ensure outstanding end results.  Such results can only begin with exceptionally healthy animals.  My commitment to working with them stems out of respect and appreciation for their sound farming practices, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to being a positive economic force in our rural community.” – Terry Bittner, Chenoa Meat Locker

Kilgus Farmstead