The Kilgus Family

Paul & Carmen

Paul and Carmen live at Kilgus Dairy. Paul manages the dairy side of the business. He works daily with the cows and breeding stock. Carmen can be found in the creamery putting labels on the milk jugs as well as handling the Kilgus Dairy books.   Paul and Carmen’s oldest son, Justin is married to Kaylee and they live only a mile from the farm.  Justin and Kaylee have one son, Andrew and a daughter Kate.  Justin works on the Farmstead and helps with the bottling of the milk products, as well as handles the Jersey Beef and Berkshire Pork sales. Justin and his younger brother, Trent, manage and care for the Kilgus Farmstead goat herd.   Trent can be found helping with the milking, and calf chores.  Trent also handles the cows feed ration. Trent’s wife is Kayla.  Carla is Paul and Carmen’s youngest and loves  to help her brothers or Dad with chores whenever possible.  Carla is in 4th grade.

Matt & Jenna

Matt and Jenna live across the road from the Farmstead Creamery. Matt is a nephew of Paul’s and is in parternship with him. Matt manages the Farmstead side of the business. He works with bottling  and delivery of the milk products, as well as the marketing/sales of it. Jenna does the farmstead books and handles scheduling  the tours. Their daughter Kamber loves to help in the store and she and Carla love to be outside as much as possible.  Kamber and Carla also love to help give tours during the summer months and show off their favorite cows! Matt and Jenna also have a son, Collin, 5, who can be found working in the field with his daddy, and a daughter Kelsey, who is 2.

Duane & Arlene

In the late 1950’s Duane and Arlene Kilgus not only started a family, but started raising Holstein cows 1 mile south of Fairbury. Over the years the herd grew in size, just like their family. After raising 7 children on the dairy, the second from the youngest being Paul, they are retired now and live in town. Still to this day, they can be found helping at the Farmstead, giving tours, helping customers at the store, and getting orders ready for delivery

Kilgus Farmstead